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It’s been an awful long time since I had anything resembling a blog but I figured with 2016 ringing in a few changes it might be worth giving it a crack again.

Co Op In Blue For Web1 600x400

First up I’m rather excited to be joining the new digital team at the Co-op, helping overhaul their digital presence & services. It’s been a while since I worked on site on a regular basis so I’ll be working on perfecting my water cooler chat too.

As a consequence of this I’ll be leaving my home from home for the last couple of years RhythmHQ ;(

On a positive note this will ease the pressure on the coffee round and should defer upgrading the pot until 2017.

Finally, I’ve just ported this ‘ere website to Jekyll. I’ve been using Jekyll for a few recent projects and it’s quickly become my software of choice for static sites, prototypes, pattern libraries and is even looking interesting for CMS sites.